About Company

During the last few years, Trevos Kostalov s.r.o. became an important producer of the polypropylene staple fibers not only in the Czech Republic, but also within the Europe. These polypropylene staple fibers, delivered under the trade name TREVON, find increasingly satisfied customers.

The company Trevos Kostalov s.r.o. was established in 1993 during the privatization by the transformation of a part of former state owned enterprise producing and selling textiles and extended so the more than 100 years long tradition of the textile industry in the region.

First, the production of the company was based only on cotton and blended yarns and producing of technical nonwovens, decoration and technical textiles, but soon after the start-up, the new prospectus was specified by the management. It was based on the partly transform of the production to the manufacturing of polypropylene fibers. There was soon bought and installed the new manufacturing line for the production of fine staple fibers. The production came on stream in 1996 and Trevos Kostalov s.r.o. became a pioneer in this sphere of business in the Czech Republic.

In spite of the initital problems with the realization of the new product on the markets, there was achieved the acknowledgement of the new product and the new company by customers. The customers were satisfied with regard to the quality of the produced material, deliveries and the business-like behaviour. This all fully took effect during 1998, when the whole manufacturing capacity was sold out and the company was in situation, that it was made to reject some customers because of the capacity.

This condition led the management to the extension of prospectus and extending the manufacturing capacity. This intention was achieved in 2000 in installing of the second production line of approved foreign equipment suppliers. However, it was necessary to deal again with the potential customers and so prepare the conditions to manage the sales part of the whole project. Our company dealt with this task very successfully and there were no problems with the sale of the second production line products.

In 2004, the capacity of two production lines was not sufficient and the management of the company had to install the third production line (production of POP staple fibers). This line started working in July 2005.

In present, approximately 60% of the production goes to home Czech market and the rest is exported mainly to west Europe.

The company has implemented and applies a quality assurance system according to ISO 9002 standards (from year 1999). In 2002 there was re-certification to ISO 9001. We take for granted, that the consistent quality of our fibers is permanently secured by highly skilled and qualified personnel operating the state-of-the-art production technology (two new compact spinning production lines).

And there is no need to add that the TREVON fibers are made from first-rate polypropylenes, which also assures the uniform qualities of manufactured products.

In maintaining the quality standards and guaranteeing an optimal service to our customer participate also modern laboratory due to permanent check of all parameters declared in our product range overview.