Polypropylene Fibres TREVON



Tenacity or tensile strength is no doubt the most important property as far as application like geotextiles, carpets...are concerned. Regarding the TREVON fibers we offer 3 basic levels of tenacity - over 35, 40 or 45 cN/tex. Nevertheless, it can be greatly varied (viz. graf ).


Demands for higher levels of elongation (usually 50-100%), for example in the area of very thin and elastic materials for hygienic use it is possible to reach up to 450% with TREVON fibers (of course the level of tenacity lowers).

Higher levels of elongation - up to 400% - are utilizable for manufacturing of a very thin and flexible coverstock for some hygiene applications.

Crimp frequency

The number of crimps on the fiber is crucial for fiber-to-fiber friction. It means for easier processability at customers’ production lines in dependence on the process kind (openoing, carding...). That can be achieved by variations in crimp frequencies from about 2 to approx. 12 crimps per centimeter.


Up to 130° C, the TREVON fibers show hardly any shrinkage and can be processed without any visible changes. At the temperatures above 130° C, irreversible changes in fiber happen and thermal effect can be used, e.g. for compacting of various nonwoven layers during production of artificial leather etc.

The TREVON PKH fibers show by thermal processing at temperatures of approx. 150° C (fully effective) high shrinkage of about 30-40%.