Polypropylene Fibres TREVON


As we want to satisfy completely all expectations of our customers and meet their requirements for the proper quality, the manufactured fibers must undergo a lot of controls and measurements in our laboratory.

The samples are taken regularly directly from production lines (providing the values are steady-state) and tests are performed to verify all declared parameters, first and foremost following.

parameter test method
titer (fineness) EN ISO 1973
tensile strength (tenacity) EN ISO 5079
Elongation at break EN ISO 5079
spin finish percentage internal test method PN - 001 - 96
Crimp frequency [crimps/10 mm] CSN 800202
Cut length CSN 800201
shrinkage at 120° C (in case of PKH types at 150° C) internal test method PN - 001 - 96

A brief description of the methods used is given in our company standard PN-001-96.

All actual values are computer recorded immediately after they have been taken and testing protocols (containing results of tests carried out) are part of each delivery.