Polypropylene Fibres TREVON



For the above mentioned applicatiosn can polypropylene fibers be used both as substrate and surface material. This combination of identical types is comparatively easy to process and can serve as the raw material for new substrates. In this way, the recycling circle is closed, and the requirement for waste reduction in the disposal of old cars can be met.

Appropriate TREVON fibers

Geo, GeoV*, GeoW*, TPS

Titer approx. 3 - 11 dtex

Cut length 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 90, 120 mm

* letter V stands for tenacity above 40 cN/tex and W for tenacity over 45 cN/tex (see Figure )

Finishes and properties

For applications in this area the TREVON fibers have to fulfill streng quality requirements to be able to bear the demanding conditions in the car interiors and have to offer: