Polypropylene Fibres TREVON


Polypropylene fibers TREVON Geo, GeoV, GeoW, Cotton, Cotton V, TPS and PKH


weight : approx. 220 - 240 kg

Dimensions:   approx. 1400 x 700 x 1000 mm

The fiber bales are protected against damage with polyethylene foil and closed with 4 or 7 steel wires. All these materials are easy to recycle.

Short cut fibers TREVON Stavon

Water soluble bags

weight : 0,6 a 0,9 kg

The bags are made of a water soluble paper that is able to solve in the concrete or mortar mix within few minutes. The exact dosage is enabled so a therefore the manipulation costs as well (there is no need to open the bags).

Polyethylene bags

weight : 0,9 kg

Both the water soluble and PE bags can be placed into cardboard boxes (containing e.g. 15 pieces each)

Big bags

weight : approx. 200 - 400 kg